1049 Park Avenue: An Odd Couple Podcast

”The Rent Strike”

May 1, 2022

Felix organizes a rent strike against 1049 Park Avenue after its new manager fails to keep up the building in S5E17 “The Rent Strike”.  Topics covered include 1) The Library of Congress receiving Neil Simon’s archives 2) Jerry Lewis' failed talk shows 3) guest star Victor Buono 4) the potential tie-in of his character’s name and The Wild Wild West 5) guest star Rodney Allen Rippy and his Jack In The Box ads 6) the song “Buckle Down Winsocki” 7) Miriam knowing that Felix sees other women 8) the music edit on the DVD 9) the return of actors Ed Peck, Herbie Faye, and Peter Hobbs  10) the weird way Christmas is referred to twice in one small section 11) the building’s doormen 12) the way Oscar wants Felix to leave only when it won’t make Oscar feel guilty 13) the use of the word “chiffonier” 14) the tag that wraps up everything too nicely 15) the weird way extras walk away in the background of a scene 16) David Janssen 

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