1049 Park Avenue: An Odd Couple Podcast

“The Odyssey Couple”

May 29, 2021

Felix finds Oscar a date who isn’t what she seems in order to make Oscar’s mother happy in S3E21 The Odyssey Couple.  We talk about: 1) how people used to call a phone number to get the exact time, speculate about why there is a new actress play Oscar’s mother, 2) the 70s references to Dom DeLuise, Liz & Dick, John and Yoko and Raquel Welch, 3) the endless dancing in this episode, 4) the connection between this episode and the classic Saturday morning show Shazam! 5) the history of Lynne Miller who plays Helena 6) the significance of Boys In The Band, 7) the inappropriate age difference between Oscar and Helena.

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