1049 Park Avenue: An Odd Couple Podcast

“The First Baby”

March 5, 2021

The birth of Felix’s daughter Edna is the topic of S3E9 "The First Baby”. Enjoy as we get a bit lost trying to connect all the consistencies, inconsistencies and references in this episode to other episodes - but we eventually figure it all out.  These include: which other episodes featured Oscar’s stuffed gorilla? when else was Lolita mentioned?; the fact Gloria was originally Oscars’ date; and who met Murray first.  We also discuss 1) the fact Oscar says he has three bathrooms in this episode - Ted believes this is not true while Garrett isn’t so sure 2) bug bombs and their potential dangers to pregnant women 3) Oscar eating pickles during the entire episode 4) and Felix's weird reference to Myrna not wearing a bra.  Please pardon a bit of static towards the end of the episode. 

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